Most recently we have seen several big financial institutes to enter again spanish real estate market Spain. Blackstone and Goldman Sachs compete whilst S&P expects that house prices in Spain will need another 2 years to recover ….

Blackstone has invested around 7.5 Billion Euro in summer this year for 40.000 flats. Now it is said that both financial institutes are interested in Additional 1.500 flats in and around Madrid. Again all those flats are rented out. Please find here more:

At the same time we have seen that S&P expects that the house prices will be going down another 2 years before recovering. From what we see in Spain it seems that in the Top locations we have already reached the bottom.

We suggest to follow the signs: when the big Global companies like Blackstone and Goldman Sachs start to invest again in Spain, it is a perfect time to get a Golden Visa for Spain combined with your invest in prime real estate.