Most of our prospects are asking us when they can apply for a Citizenship Europe after receiving the Golden Visa for a European country. This blog will quickly go through the options:

In general it must be said that there is no automatic Citizenship for receiving the Golden Visa. You will have similar rights in terms of living, travel and doing business. But you keep your own passport with you. In terms of taxes, you need to build up your own strategy (or we can help on this) what you really want. Most of our clients are applying for the Golden Visa to have a free travel to Europe and a safe investment. So this might be taxable or not, depending the activity and the amount of days that you stay in Europe.

Regarding the possibility to apply for a Citizenship, most countries allow you to apply for it after 5 years of Golden Visa. All countries do have some sort of test to prove that you would be fitting into this country. Almost all expect that you would be able to communicate in the local language and you should have contributed to the society (either as a business or in science or culture). All those arguments influence the chances to get a the Citizenship, we are usually expect an approval rate of 35% across Europe.

We do offer services around this topic, talk to us.