Golden Investor Visa Malta – the new Cyprus?

Malta has published new terms for its Golden Investor Visa Malta scheme. The requirements are similar to the Cyprus scheme.

Changes have been implemented in 2013 and it seems that they are the answer to the heavy banking crisis that took place in Cyprus (thousands of investors have lost part or all of its money).

Basic information on Golden Investor Visa Malta:

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  • you can apply for you and your family if you are not a citizen of Europe
  • you have to stay a minimum of 183 days in Malta!
  • you have to have a minimum income in Malta that is taxable with 15% for you and your family

Investment possibilities:

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  • Investment real estate (275.000 Euro in Malta, 220.000 in Gozo and southern parts of Malta)
  • renting real estate !!! (9.600 Euro in Malta, 8.750 Euro in Gozo and southern parts of Malta)

We consider the Golden Investor Visa Malta as the alternative to Cyprus with the big bonus that Malta is in the Schengen Zone and free travel within Europe is possible. The investment costs are low compared to other states but you have an important minimum stay in Malta!

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