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Golden Visa Cyprus

Golden Visa Cyprus:

Cyprus, home of around 1 Million inhabitants, is famous for its culture & climate. Malta is a small Island in the southeast of the Mediterranean See. It is well communicated with Main Europe and part of the Euro but not Schengen zone. For investors it is well-known as a country with low taxes. Cyprus was hit very late in the financial crisis and was rescued from public money of IMF and Europe. In this rescue heavy contribution of investors were required.

Cyprus has Golden Investor law since years now, with quantities of investors done. Golden Visa Cyprus shows you what to do. 

Basic information:

2 ways:

  • either an immigration permit with no work
  • or employment allowed in Cyprus or  citizenship by investment
  • No criminal record allowed
  • Investment need to be in Cyprus

Investment possibilities:

  • Permanent residency: min. of 300.000 Euro real estate and 20.000 Euro annual income per year deposited in a cyprus bank account
  • Citizenship: 5 Million Euro in real estate / Companies donate 500.000 Euro to a Cyprus Research Fund or 2 Million into the Cyprus Government investment fund

Cyprus has been one of the hottest places for Golden Visas Cyprus in Europe. With the financial crisis and the important contribution of investors money for the Cyprus rescue, it bears  risk. Be aware that Cyprus is still not part of the Schengen Treaty and travel to Europe is limited.

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