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Golden Visa Latvia

Golden Visa Latvia:

Latvia, home of around 2 Million inhabitants, is famous for its history and culture. It is well communicated with Main Europe as well as the Russian Area. IT is part of the Schengen Zone and has the Euro since beginning of 2014. 

Latvia has Golden Investor law since 2010, quantities of investors have received this visa meanwhile. Around 425 Million Euro have been invested into the Golden Visa Latvia by investors.  The Golden Visa law in Latvia has changed in 2014, updated conditions are as follows.

Basic information:

  • Similar to other countries there are different schemes for Investors, Entrepreneurs, Students, high qualified workers
  • Visa will be granted for 5 years and could be prolonged and will give you access to all the Schengen-Zone
  • There is no minimum stay required
  • Like in other countries you need to have a clean history (no jail, older than 18 years, invest need to come from a country that is not a fiscal island!)

Investment possibilities (changes expected in 2014):

  • Deposit or acquisition of government bonds of around 300.000 Euro
  • Investment in real estate (min. of 250.000 Euro with an minimum cadastrial value of 80.000 Euro)
  • Create a business with min. 36.000 Euro invest and yearly taxes of 28.000 Euro

Latvia Golden Visa is still one of the cheapest, nevertheless other places are more interesting with the same level of investment (eg Greece)

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