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Golden Visa Portugal

Golden Visa Portugal:

Portugal, home of around 10,5 Million inhabitants, is famous for it’s beaches on the Algarve, the cosmopolitan city of Lisboa and the Port wine.
Portugal is one of the smaller countries in Europe. Infrastructure is western standard in most regions, a lot of european people stay in the south over the winter period. Like other countries in the south of Europe, Portugal suffered from the economic crisis with  a high unemployment rate  and reduced house prices between 30 and 50%. An interesting spot to invest in houses. 

Portugal  introduced a new law to  attract foreign, non european, investors in exchange for 5 year Schengen Visa in 2012 and has already experience in dealing with it.  

Basic information:

  • Similar to other countries there are different schemes for Investors, Entrepreneurs, Students, high qualified workers
  • Visa will be granted for 1 year and prolonged every 2 years (with free Schengen Visa), Portugal already has the experience with the Visa process
  • You have to stay 7 days in the 1st year and 14 days in the following 2 years periods
  • Like in other countries you need to have a clean history (no jail, older than 18 years, invest need to come from a country that is not a fiscal island!)
  • You can do your investment via a foreign company if you can prove that you own the majority of this company

Investment possibilities:

  • Invest in a company create 10 permanent jobs
  • Invest a min. of 500.000 Euros in house / flats   -> we have a large number of  agencies that can you provide with the perfect spot, even with rent out houses / flats when you are not in town
  • Investment of 1 Mio Euro in corporate shares or cash at bank (5 years)

We consider the Golden Visa Portugal as interesting possibility if you are just looking for the Schengen Visa and are happy to have a nice beach house. On business level it is not the first spot to be (although there exist several possibilities). We will elaborate  the right investment strategy for you.

We can provide you the Golden Visa Portugal. Contact us.

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