Golden Investor Visa Europe

Golden Investor Visa Europe






The Leading blog on Golden Visas in Europe / Investors Visa in Europe summarizes the options for 2015: 

In summary: a Golden Visa Europe / Investor Visa Europe brings you free travel within the Schengen Zone, that include Switzerland and other states but exclude Uk and Ireland. Investments can be done either in Real Estate or in some countries into new businesses. There are countries with laws that require a minimum stay and other do not. All require a clean criminal record and source of funds. A Golden Visa does not lead automatically to a citizenship!

Here is the short summary of our most chosen countries: 

Spain: one of the biggest countries that have a Golden Visa law. Investment of 500.000 Euro into real estate or around 200.000 Euro into a new business are required. Citizenship after 10 years of residence.

Greece: 250.000 Euro for real estate investments. We expect an update to the law beginning of 2015 that would enable citizenship after 7 years and the best is that you can transfer your Golden Visa to other persons and include family!! This is the most attractive scheme in Europe.

Italy: upcoming new possibility. Real estate investment of 300.000 Euro, citizenship after 10 years, rest of requirements similar to Spain

Portugal: 500.000 Euro invest in real estate, less in new businesses. One of the most attractive laws in Europe with interesting citizenship options after 6 years residency. Currently with some problems due to severe corruption problems.

Malta: investments of around 230.000 Euro into real estate. There exists a rental options for around 10.000 Euro a year. Interesting for people with company income.

Ireland / UK: both have interesting schemes available, with total investments around 1 Mio Euro.

Hungary, Bulgaria, … do have relevant laws but our Blog does not support those countries.

BIG alternative for those that are looking for a 2nd passport and want ease of travel not only to Schengen Europe but also UK, Ireland, Canada, US: St. Kitts. Investment is around 300.000 Euro. If the 2nd passport is not granted, most of application fees will be reimbursed.

We are providing Golden Visas in all mentioned countries.