Beginning of January 2015 we have expected the update to the Golden Visa law in Greece with important changes asĀ 

– Golden Visa will include the whole family include parents and kids

– Golden Visa could be transferred from one person to another person

– Golden Visa would bring you the Greek citizenship after 7 years!

Those changes come to a sudden halt due to the political landscape in Greece. A new president was not confirmed the greek parliament and as consequence new elections have been scheduled for 25th of January 2015. One of the likely candidates to win the elections has promised to take back all laws done in the last 4 years as well as re-negotiate the credit terms for Greece. This would have an impact on the Euro-Zone and Greece as member of European Union.

As such we are a bit worried about the outcome. There are interesting weeks for our Golden Visa Greece scheme coming. Stay tuned on our blog for updates.