For some of our clients we do have it is important to receive the Golden Visa as quickest as possible, in this blog we will give you a short summary on the average timeframes:


We do cover the countries where we have the most Golden Visa applications:

Spain: it is written in the law that within 20 days the Visa need to issues by local authorities if all paper work is available

  • Real Estate properties: it usually takes around 2 months to get all papers done
  • Cash deposit: papers could be arranged within 1 to 2 weeks
  • Company shares, bonds: those possibilities are not used frequently

Latvia: if all papers are available, it takes your around 1 to 2 month. We do have cases that took up to 6 months

  • real estate properties: could be done within 1 month or less
  • companies: it takes around 1 month or less for all papers

Portugal: the standard case is around 1 to 2 months

  • real estate: you should expect up to 3 months for all papers
  • companies: around 2 months
  • cash deposits: less than 1 month

Malta: we are seeing most cases (independent if company or real estate) within 2 months