We have reported that the Golden Visa Latvia laws will change in 2014, but we still are working on the Golden Visa laws from last years. What happens?

Talking to our partner in Latvia it seems that the political situation and the upcoming elections in Autumn do have an impact on the laws. So far we are still with the exiting laws and it is unclear when the new proposals will be put in place. New rules include a drastically increase in the investment criteriums and costs. Minimum investment will be 150.000 Euro with a new introduced government fee of 25.000 Euro per Visa. There will be a max. of 800 Golden Visas per year issued for this amount, after that the minimum investment will be increased to 500.000 Euro.

The situation on company investments (up to 3 Golden Visas with 1 company are possible) will be untouched. Please read our special on Latvia for further news on this.