Golden Visa Latvia Special: investing 60.000 Euro in a real estate company will bring you Visa and interesting profit options.

Golden Visa Latvia has been the most successful Golden Visa scheme in Europe.
Many of our customers did receive their Golden Visa in Latvia by investing 70.000 Euro into real estate in Latvia.
But changes are coming: a minimum of 150.000 Euro + 25.000 goverment fee need to be invested inĀ  2014.

For the final weeks of the old Golden Visa law in Latvia we have set up an interesting investment structure with our local Partner in Latvia to allow you to

receive the Golden Visa Latvia for investing 60.000 Euro

into a real estate company with earn-your-investments-back-option. You would invest into a company that will deal with real estate on Latvia on special occasions. This will bring fast turning investment. The company will be headed by one experienced Latvia real estate manager. We are estimating that you should earn back your investment money within 4 years.

Contact us now for procedures, this product is limited to 3 investors.