Last 2 weeks in November 2014 have been troublesome for Golden Visa Portugal owners and applicants. Political turmoil have been seen with

arrested of Portugal Immigration Chief, Portugal’s interior Minister did resigned as well

There is an investigation of a minimum of 60 out of the 1.500 Golden Visas in Portugal that have been issued to foreign investors. We have heard

it in the last months already that the competition between Spain and Portugal on Golden Visas lead to strange behaviours on some applicants in Portugal.

Now we have seen evidence with several relevant persons arrested like the Chief Immigration Officer and other relevant ministries.

Golden Visas Portugal was interesting with around 500.000 Euro investment needed but compared to the schemes available in Spain or Greece or even the citizenship options of St. Kitts it has

lost attractiveness. In all 3 countries there are way to get the Visum starting from 250.000 Euro.


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