There have been several interesting signs of upcoming recovery in Spain in the last weeks, from Goldman Sachs buying 3.000 flats in Madrid to the first positive economic growth rates and Bill Gates investing in one of the leading Spanish constructions companies …


– first small economic growth in a quarter in Spain since 2 years basically driven by stronger export

– Goldman Sachs bought 3.000 flats in Madrid from local government – you can imagine that investment bankers only invest when the time has come

– we have seen dozens of Spanish bankers hired by London-based private equity companies to get focus on southern European states

– Bill Gates just bought for roughly 100 Million Euro an equity stake in one of the leading Spanish constructions companies (thus they have above 50% of their turnover outside Spain)

In summary we see the first signs of a recovery in Spain which investors looking for a Golden Visa Spain should be aware of. Real estate prices most probably will not fall much further.

Details on the Golden Visa Spain as follows:

Basic information:

  • Similar to other countries there are different schemes for Investors, Entrepreneurs, Students, high qualified workers
  • Visa will be granted for 1 year and prolonged every 2 years (with free Schengen Visa), it is expected that a Visa is generated with 15 working days (once the conditions are fulfilled)
  • It seems that you do not need a minimum stay in this period in Spain (although it is recommended)
  • Like in other countries you need to have a clean history (no jail, older than 18 years, invest need to come from a country that is not a fiscal island!)
  • You can do your investment via a foreign company if you can prove that you own the majority of this company

Investment possibilities:

  • Invest in a company and  increase employment -> Barcelona is  called: Silicon Valley of Europe, we find you the right investment
  • Invest a min. of 500.000 Euros in real estate (houses / flats)   -> we have a large number of  agencies that can you provide with the perfect spot, even with rent out houses / flats when you are not in town
  • Investment of 1 Mio Euro in corporate shares or cash at bank (5 years)
  • Investment of 2 Mio. Euro in Spanish bonds (5 years)

We consider the Golden Visa to Europe via Spain as one  of the most interesting opportunities to invest because of Spain`s  turnaround potential.