Sunday, 9th of November 2014:  symbolic vote in Catalonia for its independence and Golden Visa Spain


The 9th of November 2014 is the official day in Germany to celebrate the fall of the Wall (25 years this year) and is has been the date for the symbolic vote in Catalonia for its independence. We have already published in summer a blogpost on this subject, as many investors are worried about the consequences. (find here the blogpost). In the last months there have been several steps forward the vote by the local government and fiercely replies by central government in Madrid against.

Finally it took place yesterday as a non binding private vote. Details can be found international newspapers. But it is remarkable that a very high share of voters actually did vote for the independency. In the backlight of the past (under dictator Franco the catalan language was forbidden and thousands of catalan people had to leave the country) this shows that there still wounds not healed.

In terms of investors and Golden Visa Spain: no worries – as Catalonia does not have the possibility to do an official vote, nor the Golden Visas are published by Catalonia (they are issued by the central government in Madrid) nothing will change in the coming years.

Nevertheless we will keep you posted on all related news regarding Golden Visa Spain.