Golden Visa Spain, Investor Visa

Golden Visa Spain, Investor Visa Spain

Golden Visa Spain – not a big success compared to other countries like Portugal. Sources say that the Golden Visa Spain law will be adapted to

attract more foreign investors by giving them more security before investing and longer stays. Around 500 Golden Visas have been issued in 2014 in Spain, most for real estate investments. Those are small numbers compared to other states like Portugal.

Nevertheless we see a big interest in Spain from investors as the Golden Visa Portugal law was in news in the last months due to the big and serious corruption cases in Portugal. The option to setting up a company in Spain seem to be more attractive compared to Portugal as well.

Although it is said that there will be some updates on the Golden Visa Spain law are coming, we doubt that we will see anything in this year 2015 as there are elections coming up and the ruling party is challenged by a far-left party.

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