We have produced a quick and easy to understand information video how to get a Golden Visa Spain / Investor Visa Spain.

In Short: the following conditions for Spain apply:

Basic information:

  • Similar to other countries there are different schemes for Investors, Entrepreneurs, Students, high qualified workers
  • Visa will be granted for 1 year and prolonged every 2 years (with free Schengen Visa), it is expected that a Visa is generated with 15 working days (once the conditions are fulfilled)
  • you do not need a minimum stay in this period in Spain (although it is recommended)
  • Like in other countries you need to have a clean history (no jail, older than 18 years, invest need to come from a country that is not a fiscal island!)
  • You can do your investment via a foreign company if you can prove that you own the majority of this company

Investment possibilities:

  • Invest in a company and  increase employment -> Barcelona is  called: Silicon Valley of Europe, we will find you the right investment
  • Invest a min. of 500.000 Euros in house / flats   -> we have a large number of  agencies that can you provide the perfect spot, even with rent out houses / flats when you are not in town
  • Investment of 1 Mio Euro in corporate shares or cash at bank (5 years)
  • Investment of 2 Mio. Euro in Spanish bonds (5 years)

We consider the Golden Visa Spain as one  of the most interesting opportunities to invest because of Spain`s  turnaround potential. We will elaborate  the right investment strategy for you.

We can provide you to Golden Spain Visa. Contact us.