In the last weeks we have been asked what is the difference in Golden Visa versus Citizenship. This post is to explain the differences and possibilities.

In short: several countries in Europe offer in the meantime the possibility to obtain an Investor Visa (Golden Visa) in exchange for investments in the country. The investment possibilities rank from real estate to government bonds to companies or a mixture of all. The majority of the European countries are within the Schengen-Zone which allows you to travel in 25+ States incl. Switzerland.

Is a Golden Visa / Investor Visa a European passport (Golden Visa versus Citizenship)? No. A Golden Visa gives you the possibility to work and live with your family in one state in Europe and travel to 25+ Schengen countries. But it is not a new passport, just an additional ID card for free travel.

Can I get a Passport after receiving a Golden Visa? Yes, in most countries this is the case. Usually after 5 years you can apply for a passport in the country of your Golden Visa.

Are there any ways to get a Passport directly? Yes, several countries incl. England offer you this services (Citizenship by investment). It is just a matter of money and your own reputation.

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