There are several investor visa programs available around the Globe. We want to have a quick review on the actual status.

Several countries in Europe offer in the meantime the possibility to obtain an Investor Visa (Golden Visa) in exchange for investments in the country. The investment possibilities rank from real estate to government bonds to companies or a mixture of all. The majority of the European countries are within the Schengen-Zone which allows you to travel in 25+ States incl. Switzerland. It starts with around 70.000 Euro investment, most typically we are talking about investments of 500.000 Euro. We even have a interesting 2nd Passport possibility in Malta for around 650.000 Euro.

Canada: has currently stopped it´s investor migration program that formerly was expected an invest of 800.000 Canadian Dollar and a wealthy person. There are still some other programs available (like setting up Start Ups). In any case, Canada always was the alternative to come to North America.

United States of America: the so called E2 ,  L-1A Visa, EB-5 visa are the most used ones. The EB-5 visa is most comparable the European Golden Visa approaches. You have to invest between 500.000 to 1.000.000 $Dollar to be able to apply for the Visa. The Visa process could take up to 18 months. Other Visas are faster but all require a substantial invest.

Australia: you have to invest 5 Million Australian Dollar and spend a minimum of 160 days a year in Australia. It is said that the Visa process is fast.

In overall we can state the we have more interesting options in Europe for the business investors. If you want to invest just in real estate or set up you own company, it could be done with a less as 70.000 Euro invest. And compared to US and Canada, Europe Visa application process is fast. We even have the example that Spain guaranties that a Visa application is done within 20 days.


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