The Investor Visa law in Spain gives you the possibility to invest in companies and start ups, a short review on the situation

The Investor Visa Spain program also allows you to invest in existing companies (buying shares for 1 Mio Euro) or to start-up new companies. This idea is similar to the programs in Portugal and Ireland.

Why you want to start-up in Spain? Because there are thousands of high qualified software engineers that you could hire to build up a product, because Barcelona is called Silicon Valley of Europe, because the World Mobile Congress is held every year in Barcelona.  

We are working as Mentors for Start Ups in Barcelona and have a good and bright market overview. We typically organize for our investors to participate in several start-ups to share the risk of investments. This give also additional value, as most investors are interested to support the startups in their local markets.  

That Spain as a country is attracting more and more venture capital is a fact, until end of September 2013 1.2 Billion Euro have been invested into several companies by international Venture Capital companies.