Malta 2nd passport (citizenship by investment la) was published last week in Malta parliament. 

We have reported before on Malta Golden Visa program as attractive alternative to the crisis burden Cyprus, now we have seen an important and attractive update on the Malta legal side: the introduction of Malta Citizenship by investment …

Although there have been controversial discussions on this new law in Malta itself and in all of Europe, the law have been published. You now can get a Malta passport for 650.000 Euro.

Our sources in Malta explain that currently there is a test-phase with a limited base on individuals that could apply for the 2nd Passport and that the law might change in the next year again.

From our side we also fear that there will be changes forced by the other European Union states or even the Malta opposition. But once the 2nd passport is granted to you, it´s yours and can not be taken from you.

Basic information on the Malta Citizenship by Investment (Individual Investor Programme, Malta citizenship by investment programme):

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  • you have to pay 650.000 Euro into a government fund for your self + 25.000 Euro for spouse and child each
  • you might be taxable in Malta (interesting terms) if you stay longer as a half-year
  • there will be a due diligence on you person by a government agency to check your background

For information purposes we add information on the Golden Investor Visa Malta as well, that will give you similar rights to the 2nd Passport:

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  • you can apply for you and your family if you are not a citizen of Europe
  • you have to have a minimum income in Malta that is taxable with 15% for you and your family


Investment possibilities on Golden Investor Visa Malta:

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  • Investment real estate (275.000 Euro in Malta, 220.000 in Gozo and southern parts of Malta)
  • renting real estate !!! (9.600 Euro in Malta, 8.750 Euro in Gozo and southern parts of Malta)


We find both programs highly attractive compared to other European countries, especially compared to Cyprus and Latvia. Talk to us to handle your Visa application process for Malta.