La Generalitat and the Catalan Parliament have agreed unilateral the legal formula, the date and the questions of the referendum that the government refuse

La Generalitat and the Parliament of Catalonian took almost two years working for the independent referendum of 9 of November 2014 without a break.

All decisions were unilateral and not decided with the central government that denied to discuss about what are considered “accomplished facts” and stuck to warn that the referendum will not be realized.

Summary of actions:

27 of September 2012 the Catalan Parliament pass a resolution in Catalonia’s favour to decide its future through a referendum.

23 of January 2013 the Chamber declares that “Catalonia” is a “political individual” and sovereign legal”

This declaration of own sovereignty for Catalonia is examined by the central government and declared invalid by the constitutional court of Spain in March of 2014.

In January of 2014 the Catalan Parliament ask for permission to the Spanish State – that is the only authorized party – to call for a referendum.

The congress answered in April 2014 and 86% of the members of parliament refused the proposal for Catalonia referendum.