We have seen big news on Ireland in the last 2 weeks: the so-called Troika agreed that Ireland could exit the financial rescue pact. That has a big impact on the Golden Visa for Ireland …The Troika (IMF, EU) have reviewed the financial stability of Ireland and agreed to the wish of Ireland to pay back all debts that have been given to Ireland years ago when the
financial crisis hit biggest Irish banks and in the aftermath Ireland had to borrow additional money from Europe and IMF.

Our partners in Ireland tell us that the economy is getting better, but the financial situation is still in the way that Cash is King. But with the official obligations lifted, we will see that even the Real estate sector will improve in the next months. Positive signs have been seen from Irish Economy already.

This is good news for all our followers that are interested in getting to Ireland with a Investor Visa. Ireland schemes differs from other countries, as you have to invest in an existing or new company and might top it with real estate. But Ireland is European headquarter of big American Companies like Amazon, eBay, Facebook, Linkedin.

Please find here all information on the Golden Visa Ireland program.